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Wellhead kit ANK1 (ANK1SH) – 65 (80, 100) x21 (14, 35) K1 (K2) -KU-R

ANK1 (ANK1SH) – 65 (80, 100) x21 (14, 35) K1 (K2) -KU-R

TU 3665-009-4965 2808-2004

АНК1 (Ш) 65х21 (14,35)К1(К2)-05-30КУР

Wellhead kits expand the functionality of the injection valves ANK1 (ANK1SH) 65×21 K1 (K2) and ANK (ANKSH) -65×21 K1 (K2), in terms of setting and monitoring the required flow rate and fluid injected into the well.

Actual flow measurement with an accuracy of +/- 3% is performed by the built-in flow sensor PPRE-65×21 when connected to the sensor of a portable secondary device BIP-16.

Rough adjustment of the flow rate is carried out by installing an appropriate control choke in the ZDSH-65x210M gate valve at the inlet to the wellhead set. Tuning is performed with a DRu-68 / 20×21 corner throttle.

The climatic version of the wellhead fittings is UHL1 (Chl1) in accordance with GOST 15150-69.

The limiting values ​​of the operating temperatures of the ambient air are from + 40 to -60 ° С.

By agreement with the customer, any design and configuration options are possible.

Схема АНК1 (Ш) 65х21 (14,35)К1(К2)-05-30КУР