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Isolating device with medium separator ZRU 2A-21

Isolating device with medium separator

ZRU 2A-21

ЗРУ 2А-21

The isolating device with a medium separator is intended for installing and replacing a manometer without releasing pressure from the system when measuring the pressure of oil products and process water in pressure maintenance and oil production systems.

Macroclimatic areas of operation – moderate and cold (CL) in accordance with GOST 15150. The indoor switchgear is equipped with a media separator that protects the valve from freezing. The closed switchgear gate is a three-way ball valve and is made of corrosion-resistant steel, which makes it resistant to corrosive downhole environments.

Allows you to relieve pressure alternately from under the manometer flask, housing, as well as replace themanometer without relieving pressure from the main line.

It is lightweight and easy to operate.

ЗРУ 2А-21 Схема

Maximum working pressure, MPa (kg / cm²)

21 (210)

Connecting thread, mm

М20х1,5 or К½” 

Separating liquid volume, cm³ (for valves with medium separator)




Leakage class according to GOST 9544AND
Weight, kg