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All our partners produce modern and reliable products for the oil and gas industry.

All our partners produce modern and reliable products for the oil and gas industry. Our catalog already includes more than 1000 products of various modifications that meet the requirements of the international standard – API SPEC 6 A.

"AVIRENZ" specializes in the sale of oil and gas equipment, and itself:

  • Equipment for drilling, service, and operation of oil and gas wells, Wellhead equipment, check valves, casing head, etc.;
  • Installations for an overhaul of wells in Romania;
  • Chains of oil assortment;
  • Well control stations sucker rod pumping unit;
  • Packers, cementing equipment, etc.;
  • Equipment for drilling and development of wells;
  • Electric submersible/sucker rod pump for oil production and spare parts for them;
  • Spare parts for tongs Oil Country;
  • Spare parts for IRI-125, TW-80, TW-125 installations;
  • Spare parts for PPUA, ADPM and pumps 9T, NPTs32, 3PN32, PN200, UNB600, plunger lift equipment;
  • Beam – pumping units and spare parts for them, made in Romania.
  • Fishing tools – jars, cutters, bells, taps, etc.;
  • Drilling equipment – hoisting blocks, swivels, hooks, etc.;
  • Cementing units and spare parts for them made in Romania;
  • Spare parts for gasification units;
  • Cable extension cords for electrical submersible pump installation;
  • Pipeline insulating connections, equipment for oil and gas pipelines;
  • Blowout equipment and spare parts made in Romania;
  • Screw downhole engines and turbodrills, as well as spare parts for them;
  • Tools for overhaul of wells (elevators, swivels, pipe wrenches, drill wrenches, hydraulic tongs, etc.
  • Well control station: MARATHON Rod Pump Controller;
  • Control and measuring devices: gas meters, volume correctors, communication devices, recorders, gas analytical equipment, software.