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Valves for simultaneous-separate operation of wells 2ANK-40×21


TU 3665-009-4965 2808-2004

Wellhead fittings are designed to seal the wellhead and regulate the operating modes of the well during its operation in moderately cold and cold climates.

The climatic version of the wellhead fittings is UHL1 (HL1) in accordance with GOST 15150-69. The limiting values ​​of the operating temperatures of the ambient air are from plus 45 to minus 60 C. At the same time, in the well operation mode, the temperature of the working medium passing through the well is in the range from plus 1 to plus 120 ° C.

Арматура устьевая

Арматура гирлова

  1. Shut-off block
  2. Lower case
  3. Ball valve
  4. Ball valve
  5. Quick disconnect connection
  6. Manometric valve
  7. Pipe
  8. Pipe
  9. Pipe
  10. Pipe
  11. Coupling
  12. Plug
  13. Branch pipe
  14. Cover
  15. Ring
  16. Tubing hanger
  17. Coupling
  18. Safety piece
  19. Ring
  20. Nut
  21. Ring
  22. Stud bolt
  23. Сhoke (oiler)



Узел подвески арматуры 2АНК-40х21К1

Assembly of fitting hanger 2ANK-40x21K1

Узел подвески арматуры 2АНК-40х21К1-01

Assembly of fitting hanger 2ANK-40x21K1-01