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Wellhead kits AShK 50x14K1 (K2) -7 (8.9) -KU and AShK (E) 50x14K1 (K2) -7 (8.9) -KU

AShK 50x14K1 (K2) -7 (8.9) -KU and AShK (E) 50x14K1 (K2) -7 (8.9) -KU

TU 3665-009-4965 2808-2004

They are used to seal the wellhead of oil wells equipped with deep or sucker rod pumps, as well as for technological operations, research and repair work. Wellhead kits AShK50x14K1 (K2) -7 (8.9) -KU and AShK (E) -50x14K1 (K2) -7 (8.9) -KU based on fittings AShK-50x14K1 (K2) -7 (8.9) and AShK (E) -50x14K1 (K2) -7 (8.9) are equipped with manifolds with pipelines equipped with shut-off and discharge devices ZRK2A-21, Manometers (optional), sampler valves Bp1-15×14, quick-release couplings BRS1, BRS2 (with non-return valve).

The climatic version of the wellhead fittings is UHL1 (HL1) in accordance with GOST 15150-69.

The limiting values ​​of the operating temperatures of the ambient air are from +40 to -60 ° С.

By agreement with the customer, any design and configuration options are possible.


AShK 50×14 K1 (K2) -7 (8.9) -06KU


AShK 50×14 K1 (K2) -7 (8.9) -08KU



AShK (E) 50×14 K1 (K2) -7 (8.9) -06KU


AShK (E) 50×14 K1 (K2) -7 (8.9) -08KU

Working pressure Pn, MPa (kg / cm²)


Nominal bore Dn, mm


 Connecting thread To tubing (lift) pipes

ГОСТ 663-80

To casing pipes *

Обс. 146, ОТТМ 146
ГОСТ 632-80

Resistance to downhole environment K1, K2 

GOST 13846-89

Working environment temperature, ° C


* by agreement with the customer, fittings with a different type of thread or flange can be manufactured in accordance with GOST 28919-91