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Wellhead kit ASHK50x14K1 (K2) -U

ASHK50x14K1 (K2) -U

TU 3665-009-4965 2808-2004


It is used for sealing the wellhead of oil wells operated by sucker rod pumps, as well as for technological operations, research and repair work.

A hole is provided in the upper flange of the fittings for lowering research instruments into the well.

Climatic version of fittings UHL1 (HL1) GOST 15150-69.

The limiting values ​​of the operating temperatures of the ambient air are from plus 40 ° С to minus 60 ° С.

Name AShK50x14K1 (K2) -U AShK50x14K1 (K2) -U-01 AShK50x14K1 (K2) -U2
Working pressure Pn, MPa (kg / cm²) With the pumping unit working

14 (140)

When the pumping unit is inoperative

14 (140)

Nominal bore Dн, mm


Connecting thread M 146 GOST 632-80 OTTM 146 GOST 632-80 BCSG 146 GOST R 5 1906-2002
Corrosion resistance, GOST 13846-89

К1, К2

Working environment temperature, ° С


АШК-50х14К1-У (Схема) 1. Wellhead stuffing box SU4

2. Quick disconnect connection BRS1

3. Wellhead branch pipe

4. Wellhead pipeline

5. Check valve КЗ1-50х14

6. Top flange

7. Blank plug

8. Manometric valve Вm5

9. Valve sampler Bp1-15

10. Check Valve