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Wellhead fittings for the installation of sucker-rod pumps AShK-50x14K1 (K2)

AShK-50x14K1 (K2)

TU 3665-009-4965 2808-2004

It is used for sealing the wellhead of oil wells equipped with sucker rod pumps, as well as for technological operations, research and repair work. The body of the fittings is forged and welded, has side branches for attaching angle valves and a central sub with channels for installing a wellhead gland, attaching to a tubing string, a bypass valve and holes for cable or instrumentation.

The body flange has seating and sealing surfaces for the installation of technological equipment.

Unlike analogues, AShK-50-14 has smaller weight and size characteristics, a large set of technological capabilities with a minimum number of shut-off and regulating elements.

The elimination of external piping reduces the risk of freezing of wellhead equipment at low temperatures.

The SUpk-2-73 stuffing box, which the valve is equipped with, has an anti-blowout valve that automatically seals the stuffing box channel in the event of a stem break, and rubber-fabric cuffs with an increased service life, as well as a spherical swivel joint that constantly monitors the actual position of the polished stem and allows you to compensate for angular misalignments from the misalignment of the axes of the wellhead and the pumping unit due to the movement of the soil.

The shut-off valve КЗ1-50х14 provides reliable shut-off of the pumped media, which is achieved by using a ceramic seat and a combined sealing element.

The dosing device D5-140 (optional) allows for a portioned supply of chemical. reagents into the annulus of the well without shutting it down. The capacity of the device is 5 liters.

The climatic version of the wellhead fittings is UHL1 (HL1) in accordance with GOST 15150-69.

The limiting values ​​of the operating temperatures of the ambient air are from +40 to -60 ºС.

By agreement with the customer, any design and configuration options are possible.


AShK 50×14 K1 (K2) Basic version


AShK 50×14 K1 (K2) -02


AShK 50×14 K1 (K2) -03

АШК-50х14К1(К2) Базовий варіант

AShK 50×14 K1 (K2) -01

АШК 50х14 К1(К2)-04

AShK 50×14 K1 (K2) -04

АШК 50х14 К1(К2)-Д

AShK 50×14 K1 (K2) -D

Working pressure, Pn, MPa (kg s / cm²) 4 (40) 

With the rocking machine working

14 (140) 

When the rocking machine is inoperative

Nominal bore, Dн, mm


Connecting thread to tubing (lift) pipes NKT73 

GOST 633-80

to casing pipes * Observ. 146, OTTM 146 

GOST 632-80

Resistance to downhole environment K1, K2 

GOST 13846-89

Working environment temperature, no more, ° С


* by agreement with the customer, fittings with a different type of thread or flange can be manufactured in accordance with GOST 28919-91

Схема АШК50х14К1(К2) Схема АШК50х14К1(К2)
Схема АШК50х14К1(К2)