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Pressure manifold block “T” -BG

Pressure manifold block “T” -BG

TU 3666-012-49652808-2005

The block of the pressure head is intended for distribution, measurement of flow rate and pressure of process water injected into injection wells of the reservoir pressure maintenance system. Consists of two rooms: technological and instrumental.

The technological room contains: a distribution manifold with shut-off valves; high-pressure water conduits, which receive water from the distributor header; drainage manifold with shut-off valves. Water flow sensors are installed on each high-pressure water conduit. The room is made of 50 mm thick sandwich panels.

At the request of the customer, the premises can be equipped with fire and gas sensors.

The manifold block has various modifications depending on:

    1. ¥ pressure
    2. ¥ number of high-pressure water lines
    3. ¥ availability of a water meter
    4. ¥ presence or absence of a second valve after the meter flow sensor
    5. ¥ the presence or absence of a hardware unit
    6. ¥ ventilation systems
    7. ¥ the presence of space heating
    8. ¥ type of shelter room
    9. ¥ conditional passage of outlet pipes

Items are manufactured in various designs.

Open-type pressure manifold block

Блок напорной гребенки открытого типа

Closed type pressure manifold block

Блок напорной гребенки закрытого типа

Working environment Process water for pressure maintenance systems, fresh and waste water with a content of mechanical entrained solids. of no more than 0.5% with dimensions of no more than 0.1 mm CO2 and H2 up to 0.03% by volume of each
Working environment temperature ° С, no more 40
Working pressure (P slave), MPa (kg / cm²), no more 16 (160), 21 (210), 35 (350)
Illumination level, lx, not less 20
Indoor temperature level at design winter air temperature minus 40 ° С, not less +5
Power supply parameters for electrical circuits:

  • current type
  • voltage, V
  • Variable
  • 380/220 + 10/10
Nominal bore of connecting pipelines, mm * accept. injection bends
65, 100, 130, 175 65, 100
Flow meter According to the order (DRS.M, KR-2 and others)
Number of high-pressure bends (whiskers), pcs. from 2 to 14

Структура условного обозначения блока напорной гребенки