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Isolating valve KZ1-50×14 (16)

KZ1-50×14 (16)

The isolating valve (angle valve) is designed to shut off liquid and gaseous media in the entire operating pressure range from 0 to 16 MPa.

In terms of connecting dimensions and characteristics, it fully corresponds to standard valves, however, it has a number of features that increase its performance characteristics.

  • The valve seat is made of corrosion-resistant steel, the shut-off element itself has a combined seal (Teflon + stainless steel), which excludes the passage of gas through the isolating element.
  • Pressing the valve against the seat along the plane prevents the valve from breaking off the stem at the moment of opening, as happens with needle-type valves.

The main valve elements in contact with the working medium are made of high-alloy steels and alloys.

The use of a valve with such a set of design solutions allows you to reduce operating, maintenance and repair costs.

КЗ1-50х14(16) Схема
Maximum working pressure, MPa (kg / cm²):

14 (140), 16(160)

Nominal bore DN, mm


Ambient temperature, ° C


Connecting thread


Weight, kg


Total service life, years