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Disk Gate Valves

Steel gate valves with a disc gate are intended for use`T 51356 UTT-2 (PSL-2).

Gate valves can be manufactured in the following models:

  • ¥ ZD – steel gate valve, full bore, with disc gate or hose valve with the ability to regulate the flow of the medium
  • ¥ ZDSH – steel gate valve, with a disc gate, with quick-change or with built-in fittings (revolving gate valve) for stepwise regulation of the medium flow rate.

Structural designation diagram

Условное обозначение

An example of a Nominal designation of a disk valve with a nominal diameter of DN 100 mm and a working pressure of PN21MPa (210kgf / cm²), modernized version:

Gate valve ZD 100-210M TU 3741-001-49652808-2000

The same, with the version for corrosion resistance K2:

Gate valve ZD 100-210M K2 TU 3741-001-49652808-2000